Babies and Blogging with Mummy & Liss [Interview]

Babies and Blogging with Mummy & Liss

Babies, Blogs, Questions and Answers

with Zoe from Mummy & Liss.

Babies, babies everywhere. Those little faces make me want to have a litter all of my own. Unfortunately, I currently don't have the time or the balls involved for having a mini me. It is probably a good thing for the current climate if there isn't a little greatHerday demanding all things pretty. However, there are some pretty incredible women out there doing an excellent job of reproducing gorgeousness so I don't have to.

Bunny Babies

This is where I have hijacked the beautiful Zoe from to tell me about some of the best bits about being a mum. She has also agreed to tell me about some of the stressful times to remind me that I am not quite ready for that. Lets raise a hand to a mum with the world and a little person at her feet.

Q1 – They tell me that one is born every minute, so what was the exact time that you gave birth to your little gem Alyssia? Also, may I add that Alyssia is a beautiful name, serious name goals right there.

I gave birth to Alyssia at exactly 8.40am after she was very nearly born in the car (more about that on my blog if you want a read). Thank you, Alyssias name means 'noble & kind'.

 Q2 – I am scared to hold babies in case I break them. They are fragile little things and I boast incredible clumsiness. What scared you most about bringing Alyssia home?

I think the most scary thing about bringing a Newborn home is the fact that you are now completely responsible for their life, I was scared of the car journey home. It didn't help that Alyssia absolutely hated the carseat either - but I sat in the back with her and watched her like a hawk.

Newborn Baby

Q3 – We can see by your blog that you have managed to not break her into a million pieces so a huge congratulations on that achievement. She is 13 months now so you officially have a 1 year old. What has been your proudest moment as a mama bear?

Hmm, this is such a hard question as there's so many things. My proudest moment as a mum so far would probably be when she crawled for the first time at 6 months old, again when she first said "mama", when she started walking and again when she started to get teeth.. being a mum makes me proud every day.

Q4 – I sometimes see new mums in the doctors waiting room that look like they have professional make up artists that live with them. This cannot be realistic when I am there looking like a bag of cabbage. There is a side to being a mum which isn't glamorous. Can you spill the split-peas on your least glamorous time as a mum?

Being a mum is hard work especially in the early days, I would say it was when we first brought Alyssia home, I didn't leave the house for over a week (not healthy) i went from somebody who wore makeup every day to a sleep deprived mama who didn't even care about makeup.

Q5 – Little humans are so cute and sometimes I want at least four of them, but then I remember that it isn't all cheeky smiles and generally cute behaviour. Can you tell us about some of the situations where Alyssia drives you round the bend?

Alyssia has always been very cheeky - but recently she has started running off everytime I try to get her dressed, I literally have to chase her down to get her clothes on. It's a nightmare! She also follows me absolutely everywhere so when they say "you won't ever pee alone again" they aren't joking..

Q6 – We all need somebody or something to turn to when crap gets hard. Who or what is your 'go to' when you need a big, massive grump?

If it's anything personal, I usually talk it out with my partner but there are some things he just 'doesn't get so I usually turn to other mummy bloggers - mostly on Twitter.

Q7 – Kids like kids TV and it gives you mums a break for 10 seconds. However, any adult that denies a liking for some kind of kids programme is a big skinny liar. What is your favourite kids programme/film?

My favourite kids TV programme would probably be "Something Special" or "In the Night garden". I think Something Special is really educational and Alyssia seems to love it  - we're actually going to see Justin live in the Easter holidays. We also really like 'In the night garden' - it's really calming and it's on every night before bed so it's almost become part of our bedtime routine.

Q8 - Let's look to the future. Your little bundle of cuteness is toddling about like a wee frog. Do you have any big goals or dreams for yourself for the future? Tell us about them?

My 3 main goals for the future are to move into a house with a garden (We're currently living in a 2 bedroom flat). To have another baby, a sibling for Alyssia to play with.. and to grow my blog - this is my dream job & could potentially become a career for me (i hope).

Q9 – I didn't make you go to all this effort just to talk about mum life. Can you tell us a little bit about Zoe and what makes your day a greatHerday? Do you like long walks on the beach and all that jazz?

I absolutely love walks on the beach, I love picnics and all that - im definitely the adventure type of girl... but I will probably stop to take 100 pictures along the way.

Walks on the beach

Q10 – It has been a pleasure to hijack some of your time Zoe. By this point, our readers are absolutely going to need a piece of your blog. Can you tell them where to find you? (*please include your blog, twitter, fb, and instagram if you have*)

You can find my blog at: Im also on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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