Hilarious Highlights from our First Year of Blogging

What a lady, what a year

*Contains Spoilers*

Hope you all had a beautiful festive period, with tinsel wrapped rays shining out of your cheery wee bums. Unfortunately for us, we had a very lazy, fluey and pooey time which resulted in me doing as much blogging as showering (rare, so rare). I was very much reluctant to open my laptop today. I actually had to dust the poor bugger down. Not because I couldn't be bothered blogging but because I had to step out of fluffy pyjamas and put the Baileys down. New Year New Me, etc etc. P.S I am still in pyjamas #SorryNotSorry.

Any of you half-decent humans who have been following our progress since we gave birth to greatHerday back in February 2017 will know that when the tough got going, we got tough. Never have I had such a busy social calendar and never have I had to be on the 'toppest' form. (New word, love it, keeping it) #NewYearNewWord.

For those of you who are joining us in 2018's sequel, don't worry too much - I won't hold it against you. The whole point in this post is to bring you up to date with what we have been up to. A bit like a summary but less shitey boring and more mega interesting. Although, if you have any decency, you should probably read every blog post I have ever written. No pressure. Love you.

Another reason I am writing this post is because Radio 1 told me that in order to realise my achievements, I should document them. I should also take a note of my goals for the future which is exactly why I don't listen to Radio 1. They make you do stuff. SNOOZE.


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Why I Started Blogging

Photos from greatHerday's Instagram

We started blogging because my boyfriend decided he wanted to create the equivalent to money supermarket. I was going to do all the writing because I can be quite funny sometimes. However both his issues with spelling the name of his own website properly, combined with my style of writing being unsuitable for saving money on bananas, I grabbed the balls by the reigns and decided I was going to do my own blog. Because, if you haven't snowboarded before, what better way to start than by jumping head first into snow sharks. It's nonsense, yet it makes so much sense.

Initially, I started writing random reviews about my grannys love life (true story, here is the evidence) and how to buy all your booze from Aldi and Lidl because who needs to spend a fortune to ultimately, get pissed? I soon learned that some booze is better than others and during 2017 became somewhat of a gin and single malt connoisseur, whereas previously I slugged the Gallo by the gallon. This does not mean I condone irresponsible drinking, just responsibly irresponsible drinking. ANYWAY...

Location Location

It soon became evident that my slightly alarming sense of sarcastic humour, combined with my patriotic love of Scotland were a match made in heaven and as I started publishing more and more Highland banter, people were becoming more and more responsive. A little like a burst of life in a morgue and I wanted to LIVE. One of my specific posts about Inverness, my old home before I moved next to Aberdeen and sheep, got over 2000 reads in a day. Considering I was a complete nobody and people found this funny, I was lapping it up. So I continued to write about the wee nooks and crannys that just dinna (don't) get written about enough.

Marriott Me, Edinburgh Gin

Some chief who worked for a tour company noticed my up and coming album (LOL I DON'T SING, I MEANT BLOG) and decided to get me and Scott (my other half who doesn't get as much recognition as me because he is a pen-pusher LOL) onto a bus tour. Well, unfortunately that was a resounding disaster when we realised said driver wasn't only misogynistic but also racist with bus crashing tendencies. True story. However, if that weekend taught us anything, it was that Edinburgh loved us and we loved Edinburgh. In fact, Edinburgh has become a little bit of a long distance relationship for us.

We spent our first 'free' night in the beautiful Marriott Hotel that weekend. I say free, because it cost me 7 hours of blog work afterwards. I already loved the Marriott brand, as when I was a kid, I had a friend who's dad managed a Marriott and we used to get free Spa entry (I was practically a 12 year old blogger without a blog), however my friend moved to Dubai to become a model for Teen Vogue (true story) whilst I stayed in the Scottish Highlands and got fatter. That's life.

Even though I fell in the car park, I got a wee bit of a taste for suites and gin. In fact, that alone has probably contributed to my complete up-fall over the last year. Scott also doesn't like to pay for things. Anything. In fact, I have lost about a stone in weight (which I could be doing with anyway) since he stopped footing the food shopping bills. #GoHungryOrGoHome.

Boats, Gin, 5 Star Luxury

I told you I fancied Edinburgh, so you won't mind if I just go on about her a little bit more. DO YOU? We boarded the Royal Yacht Britannia, stayed in the luxurious Principal Hotel, like Bruce Forsyth said, definitely one of my favourites.

We also sipped whisky, gulped Edinburgh Gin and got knee deep into some of the most amazing Scottish skincare, including ARRAN, Sense of Scotland and Handmade by Doune. I wasn't only smelling great but for the first time in a wee while, I was real smiling. Not the fake smiles you do when a bird shits on your car or you forget to turn your straighteners off and your house burns down. Actual, really happy smiles. *violin plays*

Dirty Dancing

Alas, another one of our favourite hotels. The Village is less of a hotel and more of a resort and you better bet I resorted to that resort. We spend an impeccable weekend in The Village, enjoying a wonderful night of Dirty Dancing (tribute to the film, not pure filth in our hotel room). We had some epic spa treatments. One of which was a facial which Scott said 'gave me a new face.' All it probably needed was a good clean. We also tucked into a cracking carvery and enjoyed a dip in the pool, where Scott and I fell out over absolutely nothing, as lovers do. All in all, a top weekend!

Inchcolm Island

Reflecting on that weekend, we also took a lovely boat trip out to Inchcolm Island and although it pished rain on the whole journey, we had the best time. Inchcolm Island is an absolute must for visiting Edinburgh. It's all old and stuff with lots of old historical gear. Should you be right into that, here's my article which I wrote all on my own. Pat on the back.

New Orleans, Tattoos, Snoop Dogg etc.

It turns out that I am quite the boozy baroness and within no time, had us on a flight over to N'awlins for the worlds biggest cocktail festival. The things you can do when you plant the right tree and grow a decent forest. New Orleans was one of the most sensational trips and although I was only drunk 40% of the time, I had the best time.

Not only did we party with Snoop Dogg, sip with The Singleton and get tattoos from Sailor Jerry, after interviewing their cooler than me brand ambassador but we also had dinner with Bombay Sapphire, took Royal Carriage rides down Bourbon Street and peered into Madame LaLauries windows. We also met some of the best people in the world.

We stayed in the Louisianan lover for 2 weeks and eat more fried chicken than KFC sells in a year. I came back fat, sunburnt and hungover with more blog work to do than time available in a month. However, just like the rest of the year, I absolutely nailed it. Within 2 weeks, I had every single article smashed, most of which have climbed up the Google machine fairly quickly.

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Gok Wan, Fashion, Lush Love

Yep, we attended a Gok Wan Fashion Brunch where we listened to Gok Wan tell us exactly how to boost our boobs, lengthen our legs and thicken our thighs. He never said that last part but the future is thick, I would know. Scott felt awkward during the whole event and didn't know where to look which is exactly how I feel when he plays GTA when I want to watch Gossip Girl. 1-1.

As Winter approached, I got knee deep into Lush. I now own pretty much everything that Lush sells. So instead of just attending a smashing press event and leaving with a few freebies, I have accidentally spent all of my assigned money for January and February on shower jelly. Which means I will nail the New Year diet nonsense, as I definitely can't afford to food shop. (This is all called banter, please don't send me boxes of fruit, I prefer Lindt chocolate, thanks).

Scottish Awards, Truffle Making and Balcony Luxury

As if 2017 could have gotten any better! It wasn't long before we spent a wonderful evening at the Scottish Outdoor and Leisure Awards. Even though we weren't nominated (they know I prefer gin over jogging), we lapped up the atmosphere and applauded all of the fabulous contenders. We also spent the evening in Glasgows Marriott Hotel where Scott wore a suit and I ripped it off him because he looked the best he ever had. Bond, James Bond.

Upon returning, we were soon up to our fluttery eyeballs in champagne and chocolate at Cocoa Oozes sensational truffle making workshop in Aberdeenshires Chapelton. I didn't complain even once. I definitely did eat them all in one sitting and you know what, I am proud of it.

The very next evening, we were invited into Malmaison in Aberdeen to spend an evening enjoying divine culinary creations and classic cocktails with a sassy twist before returning to our splendid room, with balcony may I add. All of the excitement of the year and yet we couldn't quite comprehend the excitement of standing outside in Aberdeen in the winter. Mind blown.

Caledonian Sleeper, Blackpool and Scotlands Year of Young People

(which I just fit into and no more)

Hopping on-board the Caledonian Sleeper for a mad adventure to Blackpool was nothing but fun and games. After 6 months of travelling both around Scotland and to America, we needed a weekend of slobbing it up. Thankfully, Blackpool is the place to go for laid back, practically horizontal banter. That is exactly what we did. We blogged about Blackpool whilst we consumed freshly baked doughnuts and spent too much time in arcades where we never won but enjoyed losing money. In fact, Blackpool has to be on the cards for 2018, but with the kind of weekend I have planned, it's probably better to keep that off the blog. Some things are sacred. #TequilaShots #DragQueens

Old Fruit Market

Perhaps my most favourite weekend of the year was our lovely little trip down to Glasgow with VisitScotland to celebrate the commencement of Year of the Young People. We were joined by 29 other bloggers from across Europe and the Scottish ones were our favourites. This is because before we met them, we seen them as competition. We then met them and found they were the Ant to our Dec and I can honestly say that I am so proud we have such top-notch Scottish bloggers. #TheBestInTheWorld. The weekend was spent touring Glasgow and experiencing the city from a cultural and architectural point of view (which makes a change to football and booze). People Make Glasgow but Glasgow also makes Glasgow.

Smashed It

The wonderful thing about 2017, was that I was only warming up. See you this time next year with another year of wonders. I have no idea where I am going to be or what I am going to be doing but I am going to give it hell for leather. 2018 is the Chinese year of the dog and you better bet that I am going to do it Bloggy style.

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